Live Indira Gandhi Airport Departures (DEL)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Almaty (ALA) Air Astana KC964 01:10 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) Swiss LX147 (2) 01:10 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) Air Canada AC6825 01:10 Scheduled
Zurich (ZRH) Air India AI7713 01:10 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH763 (3) 01:20 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air Canada AC9587 01:20 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Air India AI8763 01:20 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) SAS SK3599 01:20 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA142 (1) 01:35 02:12 En-Route
London (LHR) American Airlines AA6662 01:35 Scheduled
Bangkok (BKK) Air India AI336 01:50 02:22 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) Blue Dart Aviation BZ201 01:50 01:59 En-Route
Washington (IAD) Air India AI103 01:55 02:39 En-Route
Phuket (HKT) Air India AI378 02:05 02:20 En-Route
London (LHR) Virgin Atlantic VS303 (2) 02:05 03:02 En-Route
London (LHR) Delta Air Lines DL5949 02:05 Scheduled
London (LHR) Vietnam Airlines VN3193 02:05 Scheduled
Addis Ababa (ADD) Ethiopian Airlines ET687 (1) 02:15 02:44 En-Route
Addis Ababa (ADD) Air India AI7553 02:15 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E2716 (4) 02:15 02:25 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) Air France AF3355 02:15 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) American Airlines AA9184 02:15 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) Qantas QF8849 02:15 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) Virgin Atlantic VS9009 02:15 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Air India AI101 02:20 02:52 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) IndiGo 6E2343 (4) 02:20 02:24 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Air France AF3791 02:20 Scheduled
Pune (PNQ) American Airlines AA9190 02:20 Scheduled
Pune (PNQ) Qantas QF5367 02:20 Scheduled
Pune (PNQ) Virgin Atlantic VS9239 02:20 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) Vistara UK983 (2) 02:30 02:42 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) Air Canada AC2922 02:30 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) Swiss LX4842 02:30 Scheduled
Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E2788 (4) 02:30 02:37 En-Route
Kolkata (CCU) Air France AF3101 02:30 Scheduled
Kolkata (CCU) American Airlines AA9177 02:30 Scheduled
Kolkata (CCU) Qantas QF5289 02:30 Scheduled
Kolkata (CCU) Virgin Atlantic VS9319 02:30 Scheduled
Chennai (MAA) IndiGo 6E2308 (3) 02:30 02:49 En-Route
Chennai (MAA) Air France AF3350 02:30 Scheduled
Chennai (MAA) American Airlines AA9163 02:30 Scheduled
Chennai (MAA) Virgin Atlantic VS9208 02:30 Scheduled
London (LHR) Air India AI161 02:45 03:23 En-Route
Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH761 (2) 02:50 04:23 En-Route
Frankfurt (FRA) Air Canada AC9353 02:50 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Air India AI8761 02:50 Scheduled
Kuwait City (KWI) Kuwait Airways KU382 02:55 03:55 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Air India AI127 03:00 03:20 En-Route
Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ769 03:15 03:27 En-Route
Bangkok (BKK) Thai Airways TG332 (1) 03:20 03:47 En-Route
Bangkok (BKK) All Nippon Airways NH5592 03:20 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR579 03:25 03:40 En-Route
Bengaluru (BLR) Air India AI514 (2) 03:35 03:37 En-Route
Bengaluru (BLR) Ethiopian Airlines ET1088 03:35 Scheduled
Bengaluru (BLR) Lufthansa LH5282 03:35 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E2766 (3) 03:45 03:56 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) American Airlines AA9185 03:45 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) Qantas QF5388 03:45 Scheduled
Mumbai (BOM) Virgin Atlantic VS9568 03:45 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air India AI187 (1) 03:45 04:07 En-Route
Toronto (YYZ) SriLankan Airlines UL3642 03:45 Scheduled
Bengaluru (BLR) Blue Dart Aviation BZ403 03:50 04:19 En-Route
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL872 (2) 03:55 04:16 En-Route
Amsterdam (AMS) Air France AF8440 03:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9489 03:55 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air India AI173 03:55 04:19 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) AIX Connect I5764 (1) 04:00 04:11 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Air India AI9502 04:00 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) flydubai FZ442 (1) 04:10 04:34 En-Route
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK2125 04:10 Scheduled
Paro (PBH) Druk Air KB203 04:10 04:32 En-Route
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK513 04:15 04:43 En-Route
Hyderabad (HYD) Blue Dart Aviation BZ486 04:15 Unknown
Riyadh (RUH) flynas XY330 04:15 04:40 En-Route
Doha (DOH) IndiGo 6E1307 (1) 04:20 04:29 En-Route
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR4771 04:20 Scheduled
Guwahati (GAU) Air India Express IX787 04:30 Cancelled
Goa (GOI) AIX Connect I5779 (1) 04:30 04:36 En-Route
Goa (GOI) Air India AI9841 04:30 Scheduled
Sharjah (SHJ) Air Arabia G9464 04:40 05:15 En-Route
Ahmedabad (AMD) IndiGo 6E5119 (4) 04:45 04:47 En-Route
Ahmedabad (AMD) Air France AF3781 04:45 04:47 En-Route
Ahmedabad (AMD) American Airlines AA9161 04:45 04:47 En-Route
Ahmedabad (AMD) Qantas QF5360 04:45 04:47 En-Route
Ahmedabad (AMD) Virgin Atlantic VS8933 04:45 04:47 En-Route
Cochin (COK) Vistara UK883 (5) 04:45 05:09 En-Route
Cochin (COK) Air Canada AC2938 04:45 05:09 En-Route
Cochin (COK) Jet Linx Aviation JL9207 04:45 05:09 En-Route
Cochin (COK) Lufthansa LH7374 04:45 05:09 En-Route
Cochin (COK) Singapore Airlines SQ4773 04:45 Scheduled
Cochin (COK) United Airlines UA7752 04:45 Scheduled
Guwahati (GAU) IndiGo 6E251 (2) 04:45 05:03 En-Route
Guwahati (GAU) Qantas QF5333 04:45 05:03 En-Route
Guwahati (GAU) Virgin Atlantic VS9111 04:45 05:03 En-Route
Hyderabad (HYD) IndiGo 6E2255 (3) 04:45 04:49 En-Route
Hyderabad (HYD) Air France AF3364 04:45 04:49 En-Route
Hyderabad (HYD) Qantas QF5251 04:45 04:49 En-Route
Hyderabad (HYD) Virgin Atlantic VS9127 04:45 04:49 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) IndiGo 6E2471 (3) 04:45 04:48 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Air France AF3363 04:45 04:48 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Qantas QF5393 04:45 04:48 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Virgin Atlantic VS9240 04:45 04:48 En-Route
Abu Dhabi (AUH) Etihad Airways EY211 (1) 04:50 05:06 En-Route
Abu Dhabi (AUH) Air France AF3975 04:50 05:06 En-Route
Vadodara (BDQ) Air India AI823 04:50 04:52 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Air India AI851 (2) 04:50 05:00 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Lufthansa LH5292 04:50 05:00 En-Route
Pune (PNQ) Swiss LX4126 04:50 05:00 En-Route
Amritsar (ATQ) Air India AI453 (1) 04:55 04:58 En-Route
Amritsar (ATQ) Lufthansa LH7256 04:55 04:58 En-Route
Bahrain (BAH) Gulf Air GF131 04:55 05:31 En-Route
Leh (IXL) Air India AI477 04:55 05:12 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E449 (2) 05:00 05:07 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) Qantas QF5234 05:00 05:07 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) Virgin Atlantic VS8999 05:00 05:07 En-Route
Aurangabad (IXU) Air India AI443 05:00 05:11 En-Route
Jaipur (JAI) AIX Connect I5743 (1) 05:00 05:13 En-Route
Jaipur (JAI) Air India AI9666 05:00 05:13 En-Route
Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU233 05:00 Scheduled
Varanasi (VNS) SmartLynx 6E2211 (1) 05:00 05:22 En-Route
Varanasi (VNS) Virgin Atlantic VS9268 05:00 05:22 En-Route
Nagpur (NAG) IndiGo 6E2431 (2) 05:05 05:33 En-Route
Nagpur (NAG) Air France AF6090 05:05 05:33 En-Route
Nagpur (NAG) Virgin Atlantic VS8929 05:05 05:33 En-Route

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Flight Departures at Delhi Airport

The ground transportation facilities at Indira Gandhi Airport are excellent. When you arrive in New Delhi, you have various transportation options.

Hiring a car to travel is common. Several reputable automobile rental companies at Indira Gandhi Airport offer affordable pricing and high-quality vehicles. For everyone, there is a little car or an SUV with plenty of luggage space.

There are airport taxis if you don't drive. These licensed taxis by the government have set tariffs for travel within Delhi. Buses and trains are more affordable solutions for those who don't require door-to-door service.

Passengers are shuttled from the airports to nearby Metro stations to catch a train into the city. Near the Indira Gandhi Airport, many hotels provide complimentary shuttle services. This could help you save money and provide useful transportation while you're there.

Car Rental Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

Travelers who want the flexibility to explore New Delhi and its surroundings at their own pace can consider using rental automobile services. Finding a rental car company that meets your needs is simple because the airport is home to several.

The onsite car rental services provide a range of vehicles, including compact cars, premium sedans, SUVs, and even vans for bigger parties. The type of vehicle selected and the length of the rental time affect the price.

Check with your insurance company to verify your safety while driving in India before renting a car. You can add insurance packages from most rental car businesses to your rental agreement if you remember that New Delhi's hectic traffic and poor road conditions can make driving difficult. For an additional cost, those unfamiliar with the area may opt to hire a driver in addition to their rental car.

See all rental car companies at Indira Gandhi Airport.

Taxi Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

Taxi services at Indira Gandhi Airport are a popular option for passengers who prefer the comfort and convenience of private transportation. Each terminal at the airport features a taxi stand where patrons may quickly hail a cab and travel to their destination.

Several taxi firms provide various automobile classes, from basic sedans to luxurious cars. These taxis have contemporary features like GPS navigation, air conditioning, and plush seats.

Customers can reserve their cabs in advance online or go up to the taxi stand and get one when they arrive. It is advised to only use licensed taxi services offered at the airport because they provide secure and dependable transportation.

The prices these taxis demand vary depending on the route followed, the amount of time required for the trip, the type of vehicle used, etc. However, having a pre-arranged fare with your driver before setting out on your trip is usually a good idea. More information about taxis at Indira Gandhi Airport.

Train Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

You want to get from the airport to New Delhi or other areas of India quickly and inexpensively. The airport's train services are a great choice in that situation. Passengers can readily access the train station inside the airport complex. Additional information about train services at Indira Gandhi Airport.

The Indira Gandhi Airport (IGI) Metro Station on the Airport Express (Orange Line) of the Delhi Metro serves airport terminals 2 and 3. Trains run every ten minutes from Dwarka Sector 21 to the New Delhi metro station. The Terminal 1-IGI Airport metro station serves Terminal 1 on the Magenta Line.

One major benefit of utilizing the metro is that it is quicker than driving during heavy traffic. It is the best option if you wish to stay out of traffic bottlenecks. Let's say you travel on a tight budget or like public transportation over cabs or rental cars. The metro services are unquestionably worthwhile in this situation.

Bus Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) runs several air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses from the airport. These buses provide cozy seating options with lots of storage for luggage.

In addition, private bus companies offer their services from the airport to significant towns outside of Delhi. These buses typically have more opulent features like Wi-Fi and reclining seats.

Since most bus services run 24/7, passengers can easily arrive or depart late at night. But verifying timetables in advance is usually advisable, especially during busy travel times. Further information about buses to and from Indira Gandhi Airport.

Bus services are great for frugal travelers who prioritize comfort over luxury when booking transportation.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

Let's say you want to travel from Indira Gandhi Airport to your hotel quickly and easily. The shuttle service is a great choice in this situation. This service is provided by numerous hotels in the area for free or at a moderate cost, making it a popular option for tourists.

Using a hotel service can remove the need to figure out public transportation or argue over costs with cab drivers. Furthermore, you can count on receiving individualized attention and timely service because these shuttles are only available to specific hotels.

It's significant to note that certain hotels demand reservations for their shuttle services in advance. Make sure to find out in advance if this applies to the lodging of your choice. Due to increasing demand, shuttle wait times may rise during peak travel.

Look for the designated pick-up location where the shuttle to your hotel will be waiting when you arrive at the airport. Usually, your hotel's website or direct contact with them will have this information.

Rideshare Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

In recent years, rideshare services have grown in popularity, and Indira Gandhi Airport offers a variety of options for tourists who want to take advantage of this practical means of transportation.

Uber is one choice; it runs throughout Delhi and provides transportation from the airport to any location inside its service region. To use Uber, download the app to your phone and call for a ride when you arrive.

Ola is a well-liked ridesharing service at Indira Gandhi Airport that provides service all around Delhi. Similar to Uber, Ola is accessible through a mobile app.

Meru Cabs offers pre-booked taxi services to and from Indira Gandhi Airport through their website or mobile app for individuals who want a more traditional cab experience but still want the convenience of reserving in advance.

While ridesharing services have numerous advantages, like cost savings and convenience of use, it's vital to remember that it's always preferable to carefully consider your options before choosing a certain provider.

Parking Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

Travelers may easily reach their destinations in and around Delhi thanks to the many ground transportation options available at the Indira Gandhi Airport. You have many options, including hiring a car and using public transit, like buses and trains, to meet your needs.

However, make use of the airport parking services before beginning your travel. Parking choices for short- and long-term stays make it simple to worry-free leave your car while traveling.

See more information about long and short-term parking at Indira Gandhi Airport.

Other Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

The airport management has implemented several passenger services to make your journey more comfortable. Medical assistance is one of these services for passengers who require it. There are first-aid stations located throughout the airport staffed by qualified medical personnel.

There are play areas throughout the airport where small children can safely burn off some energy before boarding a flight. Wi-Fi connectivity is available throughout Indira Gandhi Airport for business travelers and others who need to remain connected on the go.

Suppose you require information regarding your flight or any other aspect of travel. In this case, numerous information kiosks are located in each Indira Gandhi International Airport terminal terminal terminal. These devoted customer service representatives can assist you with directions, missing items, and baggage claims.

Additionally, the airport provides designated smoking areas so smokers can take a break without exiting the terminal area. In addition, luggage storage facilities are available for those who wish to investigate Delhi's attractions without lugging around heavy bags.

Disabled Passengers at Indira Gandhi Airport

This airport is committed to facilitating travel for all passengers and provides services for disabled passengers. One such service is the assistance provided to passengers with disabilities at airports. The personnel are trained to provide assistance and direction throughout your trip, from check-in to boarding to disembarkation.

On request, special seating arrangements, including wheelchair accommodation, are available. These chairs facilitate the movement of individuals with difficulty walking or standing for extended distances between airport gates and other airport facilities.

Disabled passengers have access to designated parking spaces near the terminal's entrance upon presentation of the appropriate documentation. Additionally, the airport has implemented tactile flooring and audio announcements to assist visually impaired passengers with navigation.

Wi-Fi at Indira Gandhi Airport

The airport provides seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity in all terminals. Passengers can access the Wi-Fi network at the airport by selecting it on their devices and entering their phone number to receive an OTP code via SMS.

Once connected, passengers can experience uninterrupted access to a dependable and quick Internet connection at the airport. The authentication procedure is effortless, ensuring all users have a pleasant experience.

Baggage Claim at Indira Gandhi Airport

Modern baggage management systems at the airport ensure passengers' luggage is delivered quickly and efficiently. The system employs cutting-edge technology to monitor bags from the check-in counters until loaded onto the aircraft and transferred to the arrival hall. This indicates that your luggage will await you once you have cleared customs.

Suppose you lose your luggage or experience some other problem. In such a case, the airport has a lost-and-found section where staff members can assist you in locating or retrieving your belongings.

Free luggage carts are accessible so passengers can easily transport their belongings throughout the terminal. Additionally, porters are available upon request to assist with transporting large luggage.

Information Desk at Indira Gandhi Airport

When traveling through this hub in Delhi, India, it is normal to have inquiries or concerns about your trip. This is where the Information Desk is useful.

These stations are located throughout the airport terminals. They are staffed by helpful and knowledgeable personnel who are always willing to answer passengers' questions.

Whether you require directions to a specific gate or terminal, information on flight schedules, or even general information on the airport's services, they've got you covered!

Additionally, the staff can assist with language barriers and special needs requirements. This service makes navigating such a crowded environment much simpler for all travelers.

Smoking at Indira Gandhi Airport

To ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, strict smoking restrictions are enforced. Smoking is prohibited in all airport areas, including terminals, lounges, restaurants, and facilities.

Those who desire to smoke can do so in designated smoking areas outside the terminal buildings. These smoking areas feature ashtrays and seating for the convenience of passengers. Smoking or polluting outside these designated areas may result in fines or penalties.

Due to security measures, airport authorities recommend that smokers schedule their visit accordingly, as they may require more access to cigarette shops within the terminal building. Therefore, they should transport adequate supplies before entering the airport grounds.

Lost and Found Section at Indira Gandhi Airport

Near the baggage claim area is the Lost and Found Section. If you realize after departing the airport that you have left something behind, this is where you should go.

There is an information desk where friendly staff will assist you in completing a form with information about your lost item upon arrival. It could be anything from a wallet or passport to electronics or apparel of high value.

Once the report has been submitted, staff members assume responsibility for locating your lost items. They will examine CCTV footage and other sources for hints on where to locate the missing item.

Suppose they successfully locate your item(s). In such a case, a Lost and Found Section member will contact you via the supplied email address or phone number. You can take it up yourself or make arrangements for someone else.

Please visit their Lost & Found section as quickly as possible if you need assistance locating something during travel.

Restrooms at Indira Gandhi Airport

There are numerous restrooms throughout the airport, with various sizes, to accommodate diverse passenger populations. All facilities have handicap-accessible features, such as grab bars and larger stalls.

In addition, the interiors of the restrooms feature contemporary designs with abundant counters and mirrors, providing ample space for touch-ups or clothing changes before a flight. The cleaning staff ensures that each cubicle is always stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, and other essentials, such as disposal bags for sanitary napkins in women's facilities.

Nursing Mothers Station at Indira Gandhi Airport

Priority has been placed on meeting the requirements of all passengers, including nursing mothers. The nursing mothers' station has private cubicles with comfortable chairs where mothers can breastfeed their children in serenity and privacy. In addition to changing tables and other amenities, the airport makes it simpler for mothers to care for their infants while waiting for their flight.

These stations, located throughout both domestic and international terminals, are readily accessible and provide a convenient solution for parents who require a brief respite while traveling. Indira Gandhi International Airport provides comfort and convenience for nursing mothers, whether awaiting their next flight or merely passing through the airport.

ATMs at Indira Gandhi Airport

This center provides easy access to multiple ATMs throughout the airport for travelers needing cash. These ATMs provide both domestic and foreign currency exchange services.

These ATMs can be found in various airport locations, including arrival and departure terminals, food courts, lobbies, and other prominent areas.

If you encounter any problems with the ATMs or have questions about them in general, don't hesitate to approach a nearby Information Desk employee for assistance.

Currency Exchange at Indira Gandhi Airport

This service is available at multiple locations throughout the airport for those who need to exchange foreign currency for Indian Rupees. Numerous authorized money changers offer competitive exchange rates and prompt service at the airport.

Since exchange rates fluctuate daily, passengers should always verify the current exchange rate before exchanging currency. It is also advisable to compare prices from multiple providers to obtain the greatest value.

Food and Beverages at Indira Gandhi Airport

This hub provides travelers with an extensive selection of culinary and beverage options. There is something for everyone, whether they are seeking a fast snack or a sit-down meal.

There are numerous fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald's and KFC, for individuals in a hurry. At various airport kiosks, sandwiches, salads, and munchies are readily available for on-the-go consumption.

If you have additional time before your flight, proceed to one of the sit-down restaurants, such as Pizza Hut, or coffee shops, where you can enjoy a hot meal.

Shopping at Indira Gandhi Airport

The airport offers passengers a variety of purchasing options. Whether you're searching for souvenirs to bring home or last-minute presents for cherished ones, the airport has you covered.

At the airport's numerous retail outlets, there is something for everyone, from prestige brands to inexpensive local wares. You can also locate stores like these if you need to purchase electronics such as Samsung or Sony before your flight.

In addition to conventional shopping opportunities, the hub features several duty-free stores where travelers can save money on alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and chocolates. Even sections with upscale liquors and fragrances are designated for international travelers.

Pet Relief at Indira Gandhi Airport

These areas provide a comfortable and secure environment for your furry companion to stretch their legs, consume water, and relieve themselves. These pet relief areas have refuse bags, disposal bins, and cleaning supplies to remain clean and sanitary for all pets.

Check the location of these pet relief areas before you arrive at the airport so you can easily access them. Owners must always keep their canines on a leash when using these facilities.

Ticketing Services at Indira Gandhi Airport

Numerous ticket kiosks at the airport offer flights from numerous airlines. Passengers can purchase tickets at the kiosks and on the website. The ticketing system is also automated, allowing passengers to check in with their airline without waiting hours.

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Delhi Airport witnessed a modest but significant 1.2% increase in passenger traffic in October 2023 compared to pre-pandemic levels.